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Chhajed Steel and Alloys is one of the known exporters, producer and merchants of Titanium Gr.2 Fasteners. We likewise offer the identical in various sorts, for example, Titanium Gr.2 Nuts, Titanium Gr.2 Bolts, Titanium Gr.2 Washers and Titanium Gr.2 Stud Bolt. The stunning, low weight degree and superb usage security trademark to titanium has incited a wide and extended degree of beneficial applications which requesting a ton of solid execution in medicinal method and game plan and in flying, vehicle, made plant, control time, oil and gas extraction, sports, and other basic associations. Titanium Alloy is "unalloyed" titanium offering immaculate adaptability and cold formability. We offer a wide combination of Titanium steel that are made of unique foul material got from solid merchants. Known for its stunning, heartiness and breaking down confirmation, this titanium steel is broadly utilized as a bit of different endeavors over the globe.


By a wide margin the greater part of the titanium assessments are of alloyed sort with different additions of for instance aluminum, vanadium, nickel, ruthenium, molybdenum, chromium or zirconium with the genuine target of redesigning and furthermore consolidating unmistakable mechanical qualities, warm security, conductivity, microstructure, creep, adaptability, use confirmation, and so on. These High usage Alloy materials are utilized as a bit of Oil and Gas, Heat Exchangers, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Defense. Of the four fiscally unadulterated (C.P.) titanium grades, Grade 2 is routinely utilized as a bit of utilizations that require regular deterioration affirmation in different relentless media. Overview 2 Titanium Fastenersis called the "workhorse" of the monetarily unadulterated titanium industry, by ideals of its wavered accommodation and wide receptiveness. Purchase Titanium Grade 2 Fastenersat sensible rates from us.

Titanium Gr 2 Fasteners Specification


Titanium Gr 2






M 36

upto 5 Meters


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