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Chhajed Steel Limited is one of the apparent providers and designers of Incoloy 925 Fasteners, which joins the high gauge of a precipitation-hardenable composite with the incomprehensible crumbling confirmation of INCOLOY blend 825. We in like way offer the proportionate in various sorts, for example, Inconel 925 Nuts, Inconel 925 Bolts, Inconel 925 Washers, and Inconel 925 Stud Bolt. These locks are an age hardenable nickel-press chromium amalgam expected to give a mix of high bore and mind boggling use confirmation. Utilized for surface and down-opening equipment in pitiless gas wells and for oil-age gear. Standard thing shapes are round, pads, creating stock, pipe, chamber, and wire. Because of its capacity to confine sulfide stretch breaking, it is routinely utilized as a bit of unrefined petroleum applications contain H2S. These Incoloy UNS N09925 locks are proposed to have amazingly high gauge and creep break properties at higher temperatures and burdens.


The high nickel substance found in incoloy catch give the material its intrinsic limits that makes such a compound so ideal for these crazy conditions. The composites have awe inspiring security from ocean water like 90 percent Cu – 10 percent Ni. Recalling a definitive target to control the possibility of Incoloy 925 affix material, test as shown by the need of the customers: adaptable tests, impact test, hardness test (Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell), engaging molecule appraisal, penetrants test (surface for gaps), ultrasonic evaluation. Inconel 925 got from a precipitation set nickel/chromium composite that comparably has progressively humble extents of different fixings, for example, aluminum and titanium. Purchase Alloy 925 Fastenersat sensible rates from us. We moreover offer the proportionate in various sizes and shapes to our customers.

Inconel 925 Fasteners Specification


Incoloy 925







M3 to M5


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