Hastelloy B2 Fasteners

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Chhajed Steel Limited is one of the known producers, wholesalers and providers of Hastelloy B2 Fasteners, which has extraordinary affirmation from hydrochloric damaging at all focuses and temperatures. We in like way offer the proportional in various sorts, for example, Hastelloy B2 Nuts, Hastelloy B2 Bolts, Hastelloy B2 Washers and Hastelloy B2 Stud Bolt. These Hastelloy B2 is a strong game-plan reinforced, nickel-molybdenum amalgam, with fundamental affirmation from diminishing conditions like hydrogen chloride gas, and sulfuric, acidic and phosphoric acids. Molybdenum is the fundamental alloying part which gives essential usage confirmation from reducing conditions. Hastelloy B2 gives confirmation from unadulterated sulfuric ruinous and distinctive non-oxidizing acids. The composite ought not be utilized as a bit of oxidizing media or where oxidizing contaminants are accessible in decreasing media.


In like manner, to never be separated and internal looking. Hastelloy B2 are the structure bit of a solid epitome and the creation of Hastelloy use it with the principal quality what's more with the quality standard that causes it in taking a ton of weight for an amazing extent of coming years. Hastelloy B-2 is utilized for most creation process applications in the welded condition, gas refining. This nickel steel composite can be utilized as a bit of the as-welded condition since it confines the improvement of grain-limit carbide underpins in the weld warm influenced zone. Industry clients like the security from a wide grouping of normal acids and the confirmation from chloride-affected push usage breaking. These super blends are for the most part called common composites. It repudiates both diminishing and oxidizing acids, and is utilized as a bit of hotter scrubbers and phosphoric dangerous age. Purchase Alloy B2 Fastenersat sensible rates from us.

Hastelloy B2 Fasteners Specification


Hastelloy B2






3 mm
200 mm

M02 to M33

Hastelloy B2 Fasteners Grade Designation


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