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Chhajed Steel Limited sister one of the perceivable designer and providers of Hastelloy X Fasteners.These HASTELLOY X composite (UNS N06002) is a nickel-chromium-press molybdenum amalgam that has a momentous mix of oxidation security, fabricability and high-temperature quality. Hastelloy X is suggested particularly for use in radiator applications since it has outstanding affirmation from oxidizing, decreasing, and fair-minded show. It has in like way been believed to be unimaginably invulnerable to push crumbling breaking in petrochemical applications. A large portion of the thing edges are mind blowing as for embellishment and welding. Composite X's oxidation protection is eminent up to 2200° F. HASTELLOY X compound is additionally utilized as a bit of the development strategy industry for answers, covers, motivation strengthen lattices, hotter frustrates, tubing for pyrolysis errands and sparkle drier sections. Hastelloy X offers remarkable quality while confining oxidation in high-warm applications.


A nickel-chromium-press molybdenum mix, Hastelloy X offers exceptional hurling properties and extraordinary strain and crawl break qualities. So also sold as Alloy X, Hastelloy X is an unavoidable and sensible nickel-chromium-press molybdenum blend. By excellence of the properties recorded over, this amalgam finds regardless of what you look like at it use. Hastelloy X is a Ni Cr Fe Mo super mix recognizing quality steel that has uncommon high temperature quality and use protection properties. Carbide gadgets should have more minute concentrations than quick instruments and working rates can be higher. Radiator plate used to keep up overwhelming loads can be mistreated into bit of leeway conditions around 2300 Degree F. Strong approach Hastelloy X has fine manufacture properties and astounding warmth protection. Purchase Alloy X Fastenersat sensible rates from us.

Hastelloy X Fasteners Specification


Hastelloy X






3 mm
200 mm

M02 to M33

Hastelloy X Fasteners Grade Designation

Common Name
Related Specification
Alloy X
Hastelloy X ®

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