Inconel 718 Bolts

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Chhajed Steel Limited is one of the rule makers and providers of Inconel 718 Bolts, which has remarkable mechanical quality, in spite of high protection from usage. Inconel 718 Hex Bolts are precipitation establishing stuns delivered utilizing amalgam containing nickel as base part containing chromium and Molybdenum with extensions of aluminum, titanium and cobalt. The age-hardenable Inconel 718 Heavy Hex Bolts can be rapidly made, even into complex parts. Inconel 718 Hex Cap Screws is as frequently as conceivable utilized as a bit of gas turbines, rocket engines, transport, atomic reactors, siphons, and tooling. Inconel 718 Hex Screws joins breaking down protection and high gauge with surprising weldability, including security from postweld separating. Inconel 718 Socket Cap Screws is ordinarily utilized as a bit of stunning applications where lock working temperatures can achieve 700 degrees Celsius. Inconel 718 Machine Screws can without a great deal of a stretch make and is utilized from everything from gas motor turbines to cryogenic tanks.


Inconel 718 Allen Cap Screws are a social affair of nickel-chromium-molybdenum blends utilized for their high gauge at raised temperatures and remarkable breaking down protection. Inconel 718 Square Bolts in like way shows astoundingly remarkable yield, flexible, and creep break properties at high temperatures. Inconel 718 Round Heads Bolts is utilized as a bit of various sorts of machines, as these are open in various fulfillments to meet the changed mechanical necessities. Inconel UNS N07718 Bolts is comparably ordinary in gas turbine bleeding edges, seals, and combustors, and moreover turbocharger rotors and seals, electric submersible well siphon engine shafts, high temperature locks, compound preparing and weight vessels, and so on. Purchase Alloy 718 Bolts at sensible rates from us.

Inconel 718 Bolts Specification


Inconel Alloy 718






3 mm
200 mm

M02 to M33

Inconel Alloy 718 Bolts Chemical Composition

Ni Cr Fe Mo  Ti  Al Si Cu Mn Cb+Ta C B
MIN 52.0 18.0 19.0  3.0  0.9 0.5 - - - 5.0 0.05  0.009
MAX Balance - -  - -  -  0.35  0.1 0.35 -  - -

Inconel Alloy 718 Bolts Mechanical Properties

Temperature, °F 70
Ultimate Tensile Strength, ksi 202
0.2 % Yield Strength, ksi 170

Inconel Alloy 718 Bolts Physical Properties

Melting Point
Alloy 718
0.297 lb/in3
2300 – 2435°F

Inconel 718 Bolts Grade Designation

Common Name
Related Specification
Alloy 718
Inconel 718 ®


Inconel Alloy 718 Square Bolt

Inconel Alloy 718 Square Bolt

Inconel Alloy 718 hex bolt

Inconel Alloy 718 Hex Bolt

Inconel 718 heavy hex bolt

Inconel 718 heavy hex bolt

Inconel 718 hex cap screw

Inconel 718 hex cap screw

Inconel 718 allen cap screw

Inconel 718 allen cap screw

Inconel 718 Machine screw

Inconel 718 Machine screw

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